estimate my costs

What you pay out of your own pocket for health care can add up, and the marketplace plan you choose will affect how much you may have to spend over the year. Estimate My Costs will help you learn about the different types of marketplace plans in your state and how to pick one that meets your needs.

My Information

The basic information you enter about you and your household allows this tool to create a cost report just for you. The report will include information about possible federal financial assistance.

Household Size
Annual Household Income

Medical Services

Expected Use in the Coming Year

Think about your health and how often you visit a doctor or the hospital. Enter the number of times you think you will use each of these services next year. Sometimes people have unexpected health care needs, like a serious accident. You can use this tool again to enter different information and see how your costs could change.
Primary Care Visits
Specialist Care Visits
Mental Health Care Visits
Emergency Room Visits
Overnight Hospitalizations with Surgery
Overnight Hospitalizations without Surgery
Simple Outpatient Surgeries
Complex Outpatient Surgeries

Prescription Drugs

Expected Use in the Coming Year

Enter all of the prescription drugs that you take now and expect to take in the coming year. Include both the drugs that you take on a regular basis and those that you take from time to time, as needed.